AVI Tribal | Preserving the Past Insuring the Future

AVI Tribal is the most successful division of AVI Companies. We are a brokerage/consulting firm specializing in, and delivering cutting edge technologies and products to Tribal entities. Our strong relationship with carriers such as TribalCARE (HealthSmart), Tribal First, OnPoint, etc. gives us a very unique view of the market. AVI Tribal is consistently attending seminars and events to stay abreast of the ever-changing markets and products that have major impacts on Tribal insurance lines.

In today’s marketplace, we at AVI Tribal recognize the importance of thinking outside the box. With the thrust of Healthcare Reform and the pending changes in the wind we realize that a major paradigm shift has occurred. Although the standard best practices approach will still yield good results we believe our clients demand and expect great results.

We at AVI Tribal have been exceeding the unique needs and requests of Tribal Governments for more than 20 years. We are considered a very specialized organization with our focus on Tribal Government and their unique operations. Our capabilities and unique services have earned AVI Tribal a partnership with some of the most successful Tribal entities.

The most innovative product available for Tribal entities today is a new product driven on the Medicare Like Rate concept. This program is an example of AVI Tribal staying ahead of the curve within the marketplace. The product will reduce claims for ANY 638 environment, which translates to direct savings. The process generates savings by reducing claims not only to your network discount, but to Medicare Like Rates. Fewer claims are paid out which betters your overall loss ratio, giving you far more options in the reinsurance market which in turn further drives your cost down. Ideas like this are constantly showing up in the Tribal marketplace and our dedication to staying well informed of products and services helps our clients remain more competitive in the employee benefit world.